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Basics of Keeping Waterfowl

  1. The Muscovy: Not Just Another Pretty Face
  2. So.. What About the Mallard?
  3. Calls: One Judge's Perspective Part 2
  4. One Judge's Perspective: Snowy Calls
  5. Standard Description for the Butterscotch Call
  6. Call Ducks: One Judge's Perspective
  7. Evaluating the Black East Indie in the Showroom
  8. A Brief History of the Call- from My Perspective
  9. New- Judging Black Ducks
  10. Book Review: British Waterfowl Standard
  11. Waterfowl and West Nile Virus- Updated
  12. New-What You Need to Know About Moulting in Waterfowl
  13. What Every 4Her Should Know About Getting Started in Waterfowl
  14. Judging Waterfowl in the U.K.
  15. Revised Waterfowl Housing Requirements
  16. The Chiloe Wigeon
  17. Calls and East Indies: What You Should Know Before You Buy
  18. Album of Exhibition Waterfowl
  19. Common Flaws in Popular Breeds of Exhibition Ducks
  20. Waterfowl Ailments and Treatments
  21. Raising Ducklings and Goslings Step-By-Step
  22. More Frequently Asked Questions About Keeping Waterfowl
  23. Book Review
  24. Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Started in Waterfowl
  25. Feeding Waterfowl
  26. The Importance of Oyster Shell and Grit for Waterfowl
  27. Conditioning Calls and East Indies for the Showroom

Album of Exhibition Waterfowl

Brown China gander


This Brown China gander displays the refined type and style of a Champion.

Black Muscovy Champion


Black Muscovy drake with the massive size, color and caruncling desired in today's exhibition Muscovy. This male was overall Champion at a major waterfowl show.




5 month old Toulouse gander


This Toulouse gander was five months old at the time of this photo.


African gander

This African gander is near the ideal in type, size, and color.



White Runner



This White Runner exhibits almost flawless type and carriage

Wood Duck mutations

This group of Wood Duck mutations was exhibited by the Mahlums of Oregon at an All Waterfowl Show.

Corbett Call

This was perhaps the finest White Call drake I ever judged. He was bred and owned by Jeff Corbett of CA.


2007 East Indie female

2007 East Indie female from Acorn Hollow- Twice named Champion or Reserve Champion Bantam Duck.





Sebastopol gander

This was the best Sebastopol I ever saw. It was a gander shown at the Ohio National by the late Bill Garber of Canada.


Embden flock2

This flock of Embdens exhibits the clean underlines and rangy type typical of authentic Embdens.

2001 hatch Buff Toulouse female

This was the finest female Toulouse ever raised at Acorn Hollow. She was less than six months of age when this picture was taken.



Aylesburys from Garmany

These excellent Aylesburys were raised by Mark Hoppe of Germany


This was a small part of the Toulouse flock owned by Mrs. Sarah Holcomb of Canada. This picture was taken in 2001

Part of Toulouse flock of Sarah Holcomb

Originally published: 04-01-2008
Last updated: 04-15-2008